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Top on the agenda of the fifty-year experience and performance of the product that the company name be named Daghigh Tak Saleh. The company constantly seek new ideas in the development of commodity markets and services and all the different parts of the design, manufacture, printing and importing ready to provide professional services to clients. Daghigh Tak is the most lasting souvenirs to bring you good.

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A Combination of Precision, Experience and Performance

A Combination of Precision, Experience and Performance

Quality is not accidental, the result of the efforts of managers, engineers and staff are careful. Know Daghigh Tak products from carved with embossed logo on the back.

Expand your Business with Promotional Gifts of Daghigh Tak

Our company is the first manufacturer page featured a piece on Iranian clock and a 50-year-old has proven that we are the best team in the industry. Why Daghigh Tak is distinct from other similar companies? 50 years experience in the field of time, the use of machines of the day, good quality, reasonable price, variety of products, production on industrial scale

Right Now You Can Even Create Your Very Own Promotional Gift

Using innovation of Daghigh Tak, Now you can wherever you are, with your taste, you want to design your promotional gift.